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IACFC Values Our Collaborative Partnerships  

IACFC members are invited to use this page as a networking tool, to discover resources offered by IACFC colleagues and to inform other IACFC colleagues of services.  The links and information provided on this website are intended as an avenue to information, and do not constitute an endorsement of any service or information provided.  It is understood that visitors this website take responsibility for the vetting of any services discovered here as to their appropriateness to the needs of the website visitor.

PREPARE/ENRICH is a scientifically developed resource that has allowed ConnectEdPAIRS and others to make positive strides in the work that we do with couples.

 The PREPARE/ENRICH Program is a customized online inventory that assesses couples' strengths and growth areas. The information gathered from the inventory allows you, as a clinician, to provide the best practical and skills-based tools for couples to strengthen their relationship. Couples learn to build on areas of common relational conflict, including communication, personality issues, marriage expectations, financial management, spiritual beliefs, and much more. PREPARE/ENRICH is the #1 relationship inventory and couples assessment tool and is continually updated.

Imago Clinical Training offers you the skills and confidence of a time tested unique approach to couples work as well as marriage and family counseling.  Dr. Victor offers therapists CEU trainings from one day events to the full Imago Therapist Certification Training.

The Getting the Love You Want couples workshop is a world class workshop for all couples in a committed relationship.  This workshop is great for couples who want to improve a good relationship.  Yet, is especially impactful for couples who are struggling in their relationship.  CEU’s are also offered to therapists who attend this workshop.

The Center for Family Consultation (CFC) is an association of individuals who study the emotional functioning of human families, their members and their societies, within the natural systems conceptual frame of Bowen Theory. As a not-for-profit educational organization, CFC sponsors scientific conferences, clinical training and leadership programs for professionals and for the general public.

To learn more about our programs and upcoming events, or to sign up for our email list, visit our website at Center for Family Consultation in Evanston, IL

The Lewis and Clark chapter of the Illinois Counseling Association is an active chapter meeting in the Southwestern Illinois area.  Find out more about their activities at https://sites.google.com/site/icalewisandclarkchapter/